Question: Do these charge via USB C?

Answer: Yes. The earbuds are charged in the charging case and the charging case via the USB C port.

Question: Can they each be used independently while the other charges?

Answer: Yes. You can use each earbud separately while the other side charges.

To use the left earbud independently, please follow the steps below:
Take the left earbud from the charging case or press once to turn on the left earbud—the white indicator light will start flashing.
Then, quickly tap three times to enter pairing mode. The white indicator will flash slowly.
In your phone's Bluetooth settings, search “Krane & Bauer” and pair it with your phone.
Please keep the other earbud in the charging case or turned off while using one earbud separately.

Question: Can you adjust volume up and down on these?

Answer: Yes, the volume can be adjusted up or down on the earbuds.


Question: How long does it take to charge to 50% or 100% with the charging case?

Answer: About 20 minutes to 50% and 35 minutes to 100%.