About Us


The technicians at our parent company Cambridge Sciences worked with the brilliant sound engineers who create the explosive sounds of many of the movies and the crisp studio audio quality for many recording artists to bring these devices to life and created the Krane & Bauer brand of earbuds. 

Traditionally, large wired headphones have always been the best way to listen to sound and get the deepest bass and the crisp mid range tones that artists and movie producers get in the studio when recording albums and doing the sound engineering for action movies. 


We felt it would be great to bring that studio sound to the audience without them being there. 

The challenge was to deliver this in a small form factor that the individual can carry around with them and enjoy the same sound quality wherever they are....and make it last longer than a few minutes. 24 months of research and many prototypes later.....we arrived at the Krane & Bauer Hurricane.